We're building the future. We partner with founders who dream of being the architects of innovation in agritech, food, health and education. We work with entrepreneurs and provide capital, advice, support, and tools they need to make a difference from the start.


We are focused on start-ups. Early stage investing is all we do!

Ankur provides flexible capital suited to creating the biggest impact. We are looking for innovative business models across various themes such as digital inclusion and deep tech that can address core challenges across sectors such agritech, food, healthcare, financial, logistics, retail, education, among others. We deploy between $500K to $5 million. We also help our portfolio companies leverage our investment to raise additional capital from other investors.


Raising money alone is not enough; creating the scale and impact on ground is. We not only provide the capital but also the know-how that young companies need to thrive and grow.

Our portfolio acceleration team and venture advisors bring their years of experience to work with our investees to establish business fundamentals and set them up for scale. This team digs in alongside entrepreneurs to recruit talent, grapple with operational processes, assist in business development and be their strategic sounding board.


We may not have all the answers. But, the network we can leverage does.

As an Ankur portfolio company, you get access to our vast and diverse network. From experts in manufacturing, to energy efficiency; accountants to lawyers; rural marketers to publishing firms; HR consultants to scientists, we can put you in touch with people who will help answer your questions, expand your horizons and help your business grow.