Who We Are

We invest in passionate founders using technology to push boundaries and create a better world

It will take technological breakthroughs to address the greatest problems of our time. Technology has the power to change lives and make our planet greener - but technology alone can’t make that happen.

The power of technology relies on entrepreneurs with a vision to create and transform markets.


The entrepreneurs we back see opportunities where others see problems too hard and complex to tackle. These entrepreneurs are pioneers in overlooked and untapped markets. They bring about innovations that have the potential to challenge conventions. They aspire to have an impact on the world. They’re fundamentally nonconformists, risk-takers, and long-term value creators.

How We Work

We go beyond capital to realize founder vision from seed to scale


We chose our name to reflect what we do.
Ankur means to sprout in Sanskrit.

We come in early in the entrepreneur’s journey - often times before the product is perfected or a patent is filed. So, we roll up our sleeves and work in the trenches alongside our founders. From navigating strategic questions to providing door-opening introductions, we deliver outsized support to our founder community. We call our in-house platform to accelerate company building AnkurGro.

What We invest In

We invest at the edge of what many think is feasible or viable today

We focus on entrepreneurs building companies in two key thematic areas:

digital tech

Digital technology-led companies

using technology to redefine and unlock markets

digital tech

Deep science technology-led companies

Fundamentally changing how we do things

When it comes to digital, we look for founders establishing connections where they were not previously possible. Whether driven by infrastructure developments, ecosystem shifts, or upgrades in computational power, these entrepreneurs are using digital technology to increase accessibility and efficiency in overlooked markets.

When it comes to deep science tech, we look for founders using scientific advancements to leapfrog societal and environmental progress. To date, we’ve backed entrepreneurs with IP-led innovations in fields such as synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and battery chemistry. From TRL 1-9, we scan for technologies with the potential to fundamentally disrupt or create markets.

We stay true to our core no matter what trends come and go.