Ankur Capital Dialogues - Navigating Recovery Post COVID 19 for Consumer Startups

April 9, 2020

We, at Ankur Capital, an early stage fund in India, lay great emphasis on our capital plus approach and believe that it is important for investors to leverage their industry experience, connections and partnerships to assist startups in overcoming operational difficulties. In uncertain times like these, brought upon us by the COVID-19 epidemic, it has never been more important for venture capital investors to assist early stage businesses in navigating through such difficult times.

With this backdrop, we would like to invite all stakeholders for the next edition of the Ankur Capital Dialogues, where we focus on consumer food startups and how they can effectively recover from this downturn.

While some businesses may see unprecedented growth without having to tweak their operating models, for instance, players in the remote learning and video conferencing space, some have experienced considerable slowdown. However, it is difficult to categorize consumer food businesses into either of these buckets. With last-mile services still being operational and the government classifying food processing as an essential service, companies which are fast-movers and have a flexible business model, allowing them to shift their focus or even pivot in some cases, have a greater chance of coming out of this pandemic unscathed.

Our panel of industry veterans and startup founders will leverage their years of industry experience where they have witnessed and overcome downturns such as these, and offer useful insights and relevant advice to early stage businesses and all stakeholders involved. So please do join us on 15th April at 5:00pm for a candid chat on all things consumer food and how to get back to business!

Here is a link to register — https://bit.ly/AnkurCapitalDialogues-ConsumerFood