Ankur Capital Dialogues - Startups At Forefront of Fighting COVID19

March 23, 2020

“Change is constant” - time and again this phrase has been used, however, today this can be felt by each and everyone across the globe. 
Today we face unknown challenges and the only way to overcome those, is by uniting as a community. As we face difficulties together, the solutions as well must come from ourselves, through discussion, through several dialogues. 

We at Ankur Capital, have been listening your startup stories from across the globe however, it has now become more important to discuss issues affecting the business climate and take steps as a community. In light of the same, we are launching a new initiative - “Dialogues” - this will bring together business mavericks, VCs and entrepreneurs to create a joint panel that discusses the pertinent topics that need attention and concern of the startup community. This will be made available as a webinar by invite and as podcasts/videos to the larger community through our social media channels.

Dialogues is a chance for everyone across the startup industry to interact and collaborate online to build upon collective solutions. Ankur Capital has been passionate about resolving core problems that affect the next billion Indians and in such unprecedented times when the world moves indoors and work moves online, we see this as a positive way of stimulating ideas and thoughts.

Kickstarting Ankur Capital Dialogues, we are calling for all healthcare startups that are at the forefront of creating solutions as the world deals with Corona Virus to be a part of the dialogue. Please do apply at with a brief about your solution here at https://bit.ly/AnkurCapitalDialoguesCOVID19. Meanwhile, stay tuned to our and social media channels for more details on the first set of“Dialogues” to attend.


Take care, Stay Indoors, and Stay Safe.